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America Needs To Come Together; And They Need To Do It Fast.

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Would you like to know what the Iranians have that makes them a legitimate threat to the United States? Do you want to know what the Iranians have that the United States doesn't?

They have UNITY.

Their entire country has come together to rally against the U.S. because one of their (terrorist) leaders got vaporized by us. They have put aside their differences because they feel threatened (as they should).

Do you want to know what would happen if the top military commander of the United States was assassinated? The damned politicians would be physically running through the halls of congress trying to find a reporter that they could get in front of and blame the other party!

There would be no unity, no uniting of this country's leaders, they would do exactly what they have been doing for years...and that is ignoring the citizens of this country and fighting on the playground over who has the better crayons.

The world is sitting back laughing and shaking their heads at this country, and every country out there is saying the same thing; "The stupid idiots better stop fighting among themselves and start paying attention to the threats that are targeting them".

During my career I served thousands of warrants. When we went out to pick up someone that we needed to arrest, do you know when we went after them? We went when they were distracted by other things so they wouldn't see us coming.

The people that we have elected and put in office to run and protect this country, and our families, better get their shit together NOW, or we, as a nation, are in serious trouble.

The following links are all news stories that I found on the Yahoo website this morning. All of these are only from today!

Take a look and tell me we are not in a really bad position to protect our citizens and families.…/congress-justice-department-face-of…………………/chuck-schumer-republicans-impeac…………………………/iranian-commanders-daughter-warns-u……/megyn-kelly-slams-colin-kaepernick-……/comedian-george-lopez-under-attack-…

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