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Captain Black's Secret to Meeting New Friends

I have a sure-fire way for you to meet people in your community, and you only have to do one thing. You don't have to go to any events, meetings, or social gatherings. You don't have to post an ad on come-meet-me .com. Are you ready for my fool-proof secret on how to meet the people in your area? Okay, here it is....

Tear down an old fence!

That's it. That's all you have to do, at least in East Texas anyway, to meet your neighbors.

I hired a company to come in and tear down the existing fence and build a new one at our new house because the previous owner's psycho dogs ate most of it, and instead of repairing the damn thing, he just kept nailing new boards to patch the holes that Cujo and Marmaduke gnawed through. It was so bad that the fence was collapsing and falling down in so many places that he had started just propping it up with old fence posts, poles, rocks, surfboards, umbrellas, Volkswagons, and totem poles (you catch my drift).

Similar to our old fence.

Anyway, they had delivered the materials for the new fence.......they had just delivered the stuff....and I had a guy stop and knock on the door asking if he could have some of the boards off the old fence when they tear it down. I told him to come back Monday morning and he could have some, no problem. The sun had barely come up and Fred Sanford was backing his truck up to the fence. He left with a fully loaded pickup truck, and I had a new acquaintance.

Before the demo day was over, no less than three other people walked away slobber-soaked, half-eaten boards to do with whatever their hearts desired.

Day 1 went well. They finished demolishing the old fence and hauled away what was left of it. They also got 3/4 of the new poles set and concreted in. I'm hoping they make good progress today because I need that new fence up. It's a little risky peeing off the back porch without it!

So far, everyone we have met in town has been awesome. They seem like my kind of people. Now, I'm off to see if anyone is tearing down a Victoria's Secret.

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