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Complaining Women and a Drunk Dog.

I am sitting here taking a break from classwork, scrolling through Facebook and I see all these posts from women complaining about being on quarantine with their husbands.

It makes me wonder if my bride knows how "lucky" she is that this quarantine lock down just "HAPPENED" to occur while she has to be away from home during the week?

Coincidence? Hmmm, makes one wonder doesn't it?

In other news;

I had to take the boy dog to the vet this morning, he's fine, but he's been limping or holding his paw up every time he gets up after lying down for more that a few minutes. It just started about 2 weeks ago and my bride wanted to get him checked out. Doc Risinger says he couldn't find any reason why he is doing it, but gave me some anti-inflammatory pills for him to take to see if it makes a difference.

While I was there, I asked ol' doc if he could give me something to knock out the crazy ass, psycho, deranged girl dog so that I could trim her nails. She is starting to look like those women with the long, curly fingernails that make everyone want to barf.

Every time I tried to trim her nails she went ape-shit crazy and I was scared I would hurt her. Anyway, Doc Risinger hooked me up and gave me a pill to slip in her treat. I did, and now I've got a drunk ass dog stumbling around the house like Otis from Andy Griffith.

We got her nails clipped, but she still struggled and acted up a little, which caused me to cut the quick on 2 of her paws. So then we had to sit and hold her so we could apply pressure to the nails to try and stop the bleeding. I looked up home remedies to see what I could use to try and stop the bleeding and I saw where they say to use cornstarch.....didn't have any cornstarch, so I figured baking powder looks like cornstarch, let's give it a shot! Guess what? Baking powder stops a dogs nails from bleeding in just a couple of minutes! So now I have a drunk ass dog, stumbling around with backing powder covered feet, growling at a shoe, trying to lick her eyebrows.

Bet y'all ain't ever heard that sentence before! 😝😝

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