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Living on Island Time

We Americans have got it all wrong people. Just hear me out now.

We work our butts off 5, 6, 7 days a week, we sit in traffic, we rush to work, we rush to lunch, we rush to get to the store to buy food for dinner, we rush home, we rush to get everyone fed and settled, then we crash in bed only to get up in a few hours to do it all again. Why do we do this? Because we want to have "stuff".

The more "stuff" we have the better we feel. The better we feel, the more "stuff" we want. We live in the "greatest country in the world", I wholeheartedly agree with this, but we have a tendency to just ..... you know..........make everything difficult!

On "Island Time" life is simple. People who live in the Carribbean, the Maldives, BVI and USVI, among many others, they know how to live. I have read and studied about Island life for many years, I've even been to a few of them, but to actually live on Island Time would be amazing!

"I be der in a bit mon"........that means sometime in the next day or two. "I meet you der mon" means I'll get there when I get there and you may or may not be there then. It is amazing how people get along down there. Things down there such as jobs, money, bills, deadlines, budgets, mean pretty much NOTHING on the list of what is important for a happy life.

We sit in traffic and yell, curse, honk, and complain because we are going to be 23 seconds late getting where we are going; yet down there, if you are driving and you see someone you want to chew the fat with, you just stop in the road and everyone behind you casually waits, or jumps out and runs in to the store to do some shopping while you talk.

We could learn a lot from those people down there. Of course they do have their problems .....those pesky little things called Hurricanes get their attention pretty quick. When your house is made of thatch, wood, and thin sheet metal 200 mph winds will make that butt pucker...........................................and then you have us Americans.


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