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My 13-Year Old Hibernates Like a Cranky Bear.

Every once in awhile you'll hear a growl or a grunt, maybe a door slam, or sometimes you'll hear her screaming at her little brother to "shut the door " or "get out of my room" or "leave my chicken nuggets alone"; but other than that I hardly ever hear a sound coming from that room. My 13-year old princess somehow occupies herself in a 10 x 12 bedroom for hours upon hours and I'm not sure how she does it. It's not like there's a lot of stuff to do in there.

During the week I'll see her for about 3 minutes in the morning when she is getting ready to go to school, or when she comes home from school in the afternoon. After school I have to be quick to catch her before she makes entry into her domain so I can remind her to do her chores. If I miss that opportunity then I have to try and coax her out of her room with pizza or cash, and it's like trying to get a wild deer to climb in the front seat with you.


You see, I'm a dad who believes that everyone in the household should interact with each other, at least a little bit each day. Since my princess doesn't really enjoy that activity, then I feel it is my obligation as a good father to do everything in my power to make sure she gets that family interaction in any way possible. I mean, what kind of daddy would I be if I just ignored my daughter?

Italy when she was a tiny lil thing.

At first, it wasn't very easy. But I have learned to utilize the tools that I have available to me in order to accomplish this task (and entertain myself in the process). And wouldn't you know it, I just happen to have the greatest tool in the world to help me perform these duties....her baby brother, the Tooterman.

Sometimes, I get Tooterman, to go knock on her door and ask her random questions, then I sit back and see how far she will go to figure out what he is talking about. For instance, this morning I told him to go ask her what the circumference of a 4-year old Rhinoceros's left foot is. After a short period of dead silence, I heard "tell Daddy to stop!".


Last week I sent him in there to bang on the door and yell "Sister come look before I flush, my poop looks like cupcake frosting!" The only response we got from her on that one was "You are Gross!" . Another thing the Tooterman loves to do is sneak in her room while she's still asleep and then yell as loud as he can "CHIGGERS!" I am 100% innocent on that one though; I have no clue where he came up with that, but she made a huge mistake when she let on to him how much she hates it.

My lil' princess is a HUGE fan of the Korean boy band "BTS" and for Christmas she received a set of BTS dolls, one for each of the 7 boys. You would think these things are made of golden Unicorn fur or something as much as she treasures them. She keep them standing up across the dresser in her room and they MUST be in a certain order.......sometimes it's just too easy. I have started rearranging them during the day. Sometimes I will lay two of them on top of each other like they are kissing, or have one holding the other one. I have a plan to start changing one or two into Barbie's clothes next.

Well, I'm off to put a big, rubber spider in her toilet. It's hard work being a good dad.

Y'all have a great day and be nice to one another!

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