• Police Dad


C- Cob. What we will all be using to clean our butts because everyone ran out and bought up 5 years worth of Charmin.

O- Only God knows why everyone decided we are going to run out of toilet paper!

R- Reasonable. A way of acting that the people of the United States can't seem to master.

O- Out of their minds. The way the average person is acting because of this virus.

N- New York. The most densely populated city in America, yet they haven't had a huge outbreak yet......Why?

A- Arse. The part of my body this virus can kiss.

V- Vaccine. When they release a vaccine, will all the anti-vaxers refuse it?

I- Idiots. Walmart......need I say more?

R- Reality. What so many people are losing touch with over this.

U- Unite. Hopefully, this forced quarantine time will help unite families around the dinner table again.

S- Superheroes. The First-Responders all over the world who can't go home and hide from this thing like much of the rest of the world gets to do.

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