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Officer Derek Chauvin.........Why?

Photo Credit: CBS News

I am going to piss off a lot of the people who follow this blog and maybe even some friends too; however, I am sick and tired of my fellow law enforcement officers having to live with their heads hung in shame because of the actions of a few ignorant officers. Enough is enough!

To the now ex- Minnesota Police Officer Derek Chauvin, I have one simple question; Why?

WHY did you think it was okay to press your knee into the prisoner's neck, with your hand in your pocket, while you looked around and acted like you were performing some noble, brave act?

WHY did you feel the need to press your knee into the prisoner's carotid artery for 7 minutes?

WHY did you completely ruin the lives of countless people, beginning with the prisoner's and yours?

WHY did you let your unnecessary and ridiculous actions risk the lives of every Minnesota police officer yesterday?

WHY did you disgrace the badge and uniform, not only yours but the badge and uniform of every law enforcement officer in the country?

I was not there and I do not know everything that happened. All I can go by is what I saw on the video which, by the way NEVER shows the whole story. However, what I did see, the suspect's actions, the actions of Officer Chauvin, and the Officer that stood there watching without having the balls to step in and stop his fellow officer from destroying lives and careers is not right. It is not acceptable.

I want to make clear that I am not, and never will defend the actions of all the scumbag criminals that are rioting, destroying property, and risking the lives of officers. Every single one of them should go to jail and be forced to pay for all the damages they caused. PERIOD.

As for all the politicians that are scrambling around trying to force their way in front of a television camera so they can jump up and down, scream, pound their fists, and do their damndest to force out a tear or two for the media, you are all pathetic and sickening. I wonder how many times this poor, devastated jackass mayor has cut the police department's training budget? Maybe the media will look into that........oh wait, that would entail doing actual journalistic investigation work and not sensationalism.

Officer Chauvin, your actions have destroyed your family's life, the victim's family's life, your life, and caused destruction and hatred to once again blow up against your brother officers.

Was it worth it?

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