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One of the True Stories From My Book. Reader Request.

I call this one Having a Gay Old Time!

I had just left the Kaufman County Jail and was headed back to the Police Department. I was sitting at the crossover on Highway 175 waiting for traffic to clear when I noticed a 4-door pickup run off onto the shoulder of the road. The driver quickly jerked the truck back into his lane of traffic but almost hit the car beside him. I had to check this out and make sure the driver wasn't intoxicated, so I caught up to the vehicle and pulled them over near the Houston Street exit.


As I was walking up to the driver's door, I could hear the people in the truck laughing like crazy. I noticed the driver was rolling down all of the windows so when I reached the rear door I looked in the backseat and instantly asked myself why in the hell I ever become a cop.


Sitting in the middle of the backseat was a completely butt-naked man, bound and tied up with rope. I eased my right hand down and removed my weapon from its holster; but everyone in the truck, including the tied up naked dude, were laughing their asses off.

I slowly made my way up to the driver's door and advised the man sitting there that he should probably start explaining to me what the hell was going on, and while he did so, he might want to keep his hands where I could see them. I was relieved to see that the two guys in the front were at least dressed.


He started explaining to me that a large group of friends from a gay club in Dallas had held a weekend-long party at a house on Cedar Creek Lake to celebrate their "hostage's" recent promotion at work. Apparently, the party was now shifting back to the club in Dallas, and their friend in the backseat had informed them that he needed to go home and get some rest. Well, being the good friends that they were, they decided to strip him of his clothes so he couldn't leave, and then tied him up to transport him back to party headquarters.


I identified everybody and asked Mr. Hostage if he was being held against his will or if he was going along with the kidnapping, to which he assured me that I did not need to rescue him, and he thanked me for giving them a story to tell for the rest of their lives.


This job is interesting I will say that.

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