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The Death of Common Sense.

As a father of 2 girls, these types of cases hurt my heart deeply. This young lady went to a bar, apparently met 2 men whom she did not know, and willingly left the bar with them.

Let me say that again, she met 2 strange men in a bar and decided it was a good idea to leave with them alone. Why would she do that? What in the world has changed in our society to make adult people believe that it is safe or smart to get in a car with strangers?

I am not "victim blaming" this young lady; the scum cowards that took her life are responsible and they will pay dearly. If the police received information on the location of her body, then they have information on who did this to her. I hope those two cowards are scared to death and in a lot of pain right now. I am, however, placing a large amount of blame on this generation of "millennials" who have taken it upon themselves to decide that all people are suddenly good and righteous and loving and trustworthy.

Think about it for a minute.

We preach to our children from the time they can walk that they should NEVER get in a car with strangers, that they should NEVER go into strangers' homes, and they should NEVER eat or drink things that are given to them by people they do not know.

But now, all of a sudden, it is perfectly fine to call an Uber, or Lyft and climb into the car with someone you have never even laid eyes on before?

Suddenly, it's perfectly sane to get on our little smartphones, jump on an app like Airbnb, Homestay, or 9flats, and put out a public request for a place to sleep for a few nights. Some stranger messages you back and poof, you go to an address you have never been, go inside a house that you have no idea who owns, and you end up in a strange place with people you have never met before and go to sleep, thereby leaving yourself completely vulnerable for them to do whatever they want to do to you.

Too tired or lazy to run down the street to get a burger or some tacos? That's alright, just get on your phone and use an app like "DoorDash" or " Grubhub", or "Uber Eats" and have a complete stranger pick up your food and drinks, put them in their car, and bring them to you. Nobody would ever do something mean like spit in your food, poison your Coke, or lace your fries with some drug they made in their basement. People are really good deep down and would never do anything to harm us because hey......we have these things called "apps" now.

Oh, and it doesn't stop there. Feeling a little hot and bothered tonight? Boyfriend or girlfriend out of town? Feel like a quicky during lunch will perk you up? Not a problem! Jump on an app like "Tindr", "Adult Friend Finder", "DOWN Dating", "Happn", "Casualx", "Pure", "Grindr", or "Feeld" and order you up whatever flavor you are in the mood for. Yep, get on an app, find a picture of someone that will do, and if they are available...WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM! Your needs are met.

I simply do not understand what event, what cosmic lineup of stars took place in outer space, that wiped out the common sense of an entire generation of people. It's like we have gone through a time warp and this generation of millennials are hippies from the 60s and '70s, preaching peace, love, and weed; except the crime, violence, and evil of 2020 has been applied.

Look, I am a fan of most technology and I'm all for advances in technology that make our lives less painful, less complicated, and that benefits us all; however, that technology cannot be allowed to replace common sense in people.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening.

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