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The hardest thing about being locked up with my kids.

Y'all know I am new to this whole, stay-at-home thing still (it's only been 15 months) and just like when someone becomes a cop, you're not even close to good at what you are doing for the first year and a half or so. However, I have already learned what the absolute worst thing about being at home with kids is. It's those damned little plastic sleeves from the Capri-Sun straws! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

I swear, I think they are actually spawning around my house. The damned things are magic; you can pick one up, and 5 minutes later you see it again a few feet away from the same spot!

I have picked up about 14 million of them in the last 3 weeks, and that is only a slight exaggeration. I think the Capri-Sun people should put me on their payroll! I already single-handedly keep them in business in Texas. I've thought about just calling them and telling them to put me on a regular shipping schedule. One box each of Kiwi-Strawberry, Fruit Punch, and Pacific Cooler!

I have threatened my off-spring with torture if they don't throw the things away, and I have figured out something.....that doesn't work. I have no follow-through and they know it. They have defeated me. I'm just their plastic-straw-sleeve-cleaning house boy now!

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