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The Top 15 Differences in Being a Cop & Being a Dad

  • As a cop, I used to sweep through drug houses looking for hidden suspects.

As a dad, I sweep up pop-tart crumbs and potato chips through the house.

  • As a cop, I arrested bad guys.

As a dad, I go into cardiac arrest when the kids are bad.

  • As a cop, I drove fast so the criminal couldn't get away.

As a dad, I eat fast so the kids can't ask for a bite.

  • As a cop, I directed traffic.

As a dad, I direct which chores the kids need to do.

  • As a cop, I mediated arguments between family members.

As a dad, I mediate arguments between family members.

  • As a cop, I studied the law.

As a dad, I study 2nd grade math and 7th grade science.

  • As a cop, I fed prisoners chicken pot pies.

As a dad, I feed the kids chicken nuggets.

  • As a cop, I analyzed crime stats.

As a dad, I analyze Fortnite stats.

  • As a cop, I built relationships with the community.

As a dad, I build Lego communities.

  • As a cop, I used to stop all kinds of cars on the roadways.

As a dad, I stop all kinds of Hotwheels from hitting the wife's walls.

  • As a cop, I got into trouble a few times.

As a dad, I get into trouble all the time.

  • As a cop, I was constantly going to training.

As a dad, I am constantly going to the grocery store.

  • As a cop, I hid from criminals sometimes.

As a dad, I hide from the kids sometimes.

  • As a cop, I carried a gun.

As a dad, I carry snacks.

  • As a cop, I knew who ABT was.

As a dad, I know who BTS is.

When your kids take the last of something and leave the empty carton in the pantry.

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