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On The Job Training

In my life I have 3 times experienced the highest honor a man can be given, the honor of being called daddy. It is a title that I do not take lightly in any sense of the word, even though I have failed in my duties and obligations many times.

The job of being a father is not one that a man can train for, or get a degree in; it is a total 100% on-the-job learning experience. With that thought in mind I went digging.

Many times over the years, I have commented on social media about things that I learned from my little ones, along with hilarious things the kids and their mom have said. I thought today I would give you a sample of some of those lessons and quotes.

May your on-the-job learning experiences be as enlightening as mine have been and continue to be.

April 15, 2013

Reagan (6-years old)......Daddy you should have worn shorts today cause it was hot. Me......I know baby, it sure was. Reagan......I hope my Papa wore shorts today but I'm glad I didn't see that because it is not pretty! Me.......(After dang near wrecking the truck from laughing) Oh, so Papa doesn't have pretty legs? Reagan.....No way! Daddy it is NOT a pretty site! That's my girl! LMBO!

November 7, 2012

Reagan (5-years old) and her Mommy standing in line to vote yesterday........ Reagan- Mommy do I get to vote? Leslie- No baby you have to be 18 to vote. Reagan- (after a pause) Well you're not 18! LOL, That's my girl!!!

February 24, 2012

There needs to be a manual for Daddies on how to properly put a 5-year old to bed! She has to be in the exact middle of the bed, Sophie must be under her right arm, Valentine bear must be under the left, the Pink, sparkly pillow that she HAD to have can't be anywhere near her because her hair gets stuck in it, her Princess blanket must be over the top of her regular blanket (and make sure you have the shiny side up), the shades must be closed, but not too closed, the stuffed Orca whale, pink bunny rabbit, yellow bunny rabbit, furry dog, pink bear, brown bear, and white bear must all be in their proper places, and last but not least, as soon as you get her all settled in and tucked in and ready to turn off the light................. Daddy, I forgot to potty.

February 22, 2012

Me: Hey Doodlebug, did you have a good day today? My 5-year old: Yes Daddy, but I had snot issues today. Me: laughing so hard I almost spit out my drink!

October 25, 2011

My little tiny (unborn) baby now has fingernails and his mommy says he is using them! lol Just when I think my gorgeous wife is not gonna get sick anymore, she makes a mad dash to the bathroom.....then my doodlebug doesn't even look up and says "well, mommy is frowing up again". LMAO!

September 27, 2014

What I learned from my 1-year old son tonight..........if you decide you want the bathtub all to yourself, just stand up and start whizzing! What I learned from my 6-year old daughter tonight........... A 3-foot tall 6-year old can clear the entire length, height, and width of a bathtub at the first sign of her 1-year old brother whizzing in the tub!

August 28, 2013

What I learned from my 6-year old yesterday.......standing in 2 inches of water in the bathtub completely butt-naked, with Mickey Mouse goggles on qualifies as a bath. What I learned from my 1-year old yesterday....... Just because he is so sleepy that he can't keep his eyes open, stand up, walk, or even hold his sippy cup, does NOT mean he needs to go to bed! He will let you know when HE is ready for bed!

August 24, 2013

What I learned from my 6-year old today........If there is a Red Wasp within 18,000 feet of you then you must run and scream bloody murder until Daddy nearly kills himself getting to you to see what's wrong! What I learned from my 1-year old today............When you are cranky and sleepy, the Cheetos taste different depending on which hand Daddy hands it to you with!!!

And as a bonus, one of my all-time favorite quotes from my wife, not long after our baby boy was born. At the time, she was exhausted and a little cranky, but I still laughed myself sick.

October 6, 2012

The quote of the week................."Well Garrett you've gotta suck to get something out, nothing in life is free". Lmao,

(My beautiful (but cranky) wife to my lil’ precious (but screaming) baby boy at midnight)


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